Our Havanese puppies for sale and our Coton Puppies for sale  are bred for the best qualities.  Our puppies are evaluated in order to perfect and preserve the special qualities of the amazing Havanese and Coton breeds.  Those that are of Show Quality or Breeding Quality will be priced higher and sold only after careful consideration and vetting of the purchaser.  Wonderful puppies that would be great pets are still AKC Registered and have Health guarantees and are sold at the pet price. Our puppies come from incredible breeding champions and as a result are at the mid to upper end of the price range.   From time to time due to retirement or non-life threatening circumstances we will have dogs that will be sold for less.  Call for Prices.

Your puppy will be priced accordingly and the price will be discussed with you when you are ready to choose your puppy.

We require a $400.00 USD Deposit to hold a puppy of your choice.

We prefer to not ship our puppies; however, we can ship, if desired.   We encourage you to come and personally pick out your puppy; however, you may pick your puppy by picture and we can deliver your chosen puppy to you upon payment in full of any delivery fees.  We are willing to fly with your puppy to you and will expect cash payment for the puppy at the arrival airport.  You may also fly to our airport (SLC) and we will meet you there with your puppy.   Arrangements can be made for delivery or pickup after you have decided to purchase a puppy.